I’m happy and I know IT!!

Yes, I am happy!!

Yes, I am singing!!

Yes, I am clapping!!

All this is because I have been nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award by a wonderful woman Susie who is a wife, a mother and a great writer too. She believes in living life the righteous way and fighting all the wrong doings. She is a nice woman and I say that out of experience. I had posted up an emotional poem once and she told me that the poem was great and not only this she was also concerned if I was fine. My heart went out to her that day. You should really check out her blog!

So, there are RULES for this award game which must be obeyed. And these are:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Dear Susie, you have no idea how much this nomination has motivated me. ThAnK YoU,ThAnK YoU and ThAnK YoU. Also, thanks for being in constant touch with me and my posts:)

2. List the rules and display the award.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.
i) I am a very secretive person. Hence, opening up through blogging was tough for me but I chose to say what I feel through my poems. I got quite alot of support from wonderful people here and this keeps me going.

ii) I am highly emotional and sensitive so much so I feel embarrassed to cry on weddings where the bride herself is crying lesser than me. 😦

iii) I am not on Facebook ! ! ! !
Yes, you heard that right! Please don’t judge me. But I was never on facebook ever for a simple fact I can’t have hundreds of close people (as I am secretive, remember? ).

iv) I wrote my first poem when I was 9 years old.
I have a thing to pen down whatever goes on inside me in the form of poems since childhood.

v) I love dancing.
Well, we all do..I also do… But I guess I love it more than anyone else.. haha!!

vi) I am a mamma’s girl
I am an independent, working girl but they still put up notes saying “mama’s girl” on balloons on my Birthday. And, I admit they are correct! I am very close to my Mom.

vii) Ahhh..I wanted to tell more..But it’s seventh fact and so the last one.. I love watching movies, reading and writing.

4. Nominate (15) other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them.
I shall do this as I know how great it feels to get recognition for your hard work.
And I nominate the following great people:

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So, that was about the happier me. Thanks Susie, once again!
It indeed is overwhelming when you inspire people and simultaneously get inspired by them too.

Thanks for reading this up and sharing my maddening happiness!!
Okay then guys…Keep Blogging!

Have a great weekend!

Happily Blogging,

Somethings remain pure; Drops of Water!


Imperfect, shapeless, no colour
  You and I become droplets
I clearly see what you’re feeling
  Limpid, glassy we smile as we breakfree from faucets

Lets flow to places
  Then run down opposite slopes
Rushing down with aggression
  We meet with passion
And fuse into each other, with all the hopes

None from the world could tell
  Who was you, which drop was me
Now, from two droplets into one
  Let’s get secure about each other and live on!

Dreams of a Girl

Before I Die..!!

To that Guy,, Before I Die..
To that Guy,,
Before I Die..

I am oblivious of this fact
That I am breathing,
The moment I realise the act
I’m afraid, I’m close to dying.

For many things, I want to be certain
Wakes the dead, I want to cry
I want to laugh loudly
All this I wish, before I die

I want to meet that one someone,
Who thinks of me with the sun rise
Who knows what I won’t be able to say,
Whose love is true amongst all the wordly lies

I want to feel the breeze against my skin
See every nook and corner of the world with my eye
Holding that someone’s hand, I sit on the sand
All this, please Almighty, before I die

Simple be you, simply be me
Simply we live in the world of complexity
Create such a moment that makes me shy
Make me yours and be mine, before I die

Is there any such someone
If you are anywhere, please come in my way
Look at me, or atleast say a Hi
Just this much, before I die

Gimme that one moment,
Hold me close and tight
I dont feel the world around,
No matter what, but it would feel so right

Make me a world of surprises
Ring my doorbell at midnight
Play me guitar, take me out in the open
Let me loose but keep me in your sight

Don’t tell me I am beautiful,
Narrate what’s beautiful about me
Tell me why am I different for you,
Show me myself that I could never see

Can you stand with me
Let’s sit down!
Soundless, placid, and endless
Let’s gaze into the horizon.

Isn’t this new world beautiful
No plans, no complaints
Mornings, I sing a song to you
Evenings, it’s you who paints

By the time you arrive
I can be entangled,
Wanting to soar
My destiny would have failed to make me yours
But before I die,
I want to be sure you did come and stopped by

Talk to me, smile with me,
Brawl, chide me away, shout, then let’s be silent
Get depressed together and cheer up again like never
Laugh away on those moments with me and cry
All this, Yes all of this
I die. . .


WalK AwAy…!!!


Walk; AWAY ... ! ! !

It’s TIME, for YOU, to WALK AWAY..

Yes, I can see you,
I hold your hand in mine
And you can see me too,
Imagination, is indeed, divine

I want to say things,
I want to talk
No I won’t get weak,
I will let you walk away

For yes, I can see you,
You can see me too
And if I look at you,
You look me in these eyes two

You have always read them,
This time, don’t want you to read what they say
No I won’t get weak,
I will let you walk away

Why did you occur?
What did you get!
We both lost each other;
We went through affliction and regret!

I wish I never met you,
Indecisive I became
What If we never met,
What if you never came!

Hardly can I remember,
It’s tough to infer…
Were you different?
Or nothing was ever proper!

Time wouldn’t wait,
Neither are you meant to stay
It’s harsh, albeit
But you might wanna walk away

Let’s detach, let’s let go,
For if we cling on to this
More answers we would want to know,
Strength needed, no retreat

In the world that I live,
More than anything and above everything
Wish you oodles of happiness and always be,
Yes I can see you and you can see me

This is it, somewhere else is your way
You ought to leave
So why do you ask me
How should I walk away?

Imperfection to perfection,
From panic to composure
You know, we will survive it!
From turbulence to serenity,
Certain things always stay
Even if, we walk away!

Unbelievable is your concern,
Unconditional is your care
Unsaid is our Bye;
Wish the world for you…
Go; smiling, walk away!

Hello from LiFe!!

Hello People,,

Shruti is the name I go by…

I really feel that this “About Me” section isn’t enough to imbibe all that I want YOU to know about ME. There’s too much to tell because although Life is short, it does give us hell number of experiences!

Nevertheless, here I am, adhering to the protocol.

I am a working professional. Like to live life my way, love to explore new places and cuisines (Food; my weakness).

Meaningful discussions attract me! Hence I am here to write, read, express, connect and so much more..

There’s too much gap between well-minded people and through this forum I aim to bridge that gap up!

Truly Blogging,