WalK AwAy…!!!


Walk; AWAY ... ! ! !

It’s TIME, for YOU, to WALK AWAY..

Yes, I can see you,
I hold your hand in mine
And you can see me too,
Imagination, is indeed, divine

I want to say things,
I want to talk
No I won’t get weak,
I will let you walk away

For yes, I can see you,
You can see me too
And if I look at you,
You look me in these eyes two

You have always read them,
This time, don’t want you to read what they say
No I won’t get weak,
I will let you walk away

Why did you occur?
What did you get!
We both lost each other;
We went through affliction and regret!

I wish I never met you,
Indecisive I became
What If we never met,
What if you never came!

Hardly can I remember,
It’s tough to infer…
Were you different?
Or nothing was ever proper!

Time wouldn’t wait,
Neither are you meant to stay
It’s harsh, albeit
But you might wanna walk away

Let’s detach, let’s let go,
For if we cling on to this
More answers we would want to know,
Strength needed, no retreat

In the world that I live,
More than anything and above everything
Wish you oodles of happiness and always be,
Yes I can see you and you can see me

This is it, somewhere else is your way
You ought to leave
So why do you ask me
How should I walk away?

Imperfection to perfection,
From panic to composure
You know, we will survive it!
From turbulence to serenity,
Certain things always stay
Even if, we walk away!

Unbelievable is your concern,
Unconditional is your care
Unsaid is our Bye;
Wish the world for you…
Go; smiling, walk away!


Hello from LiFe!!

Hello People,,

Shruti is the name I go by…

I really feel that this “About Me” section isn’t enough to imbibe all that I want YOU to know about ME. There’s too much to tell because although Life is short, it does give us hell number of experiences!

Nevertheless, here I am, adhering to the protocol.

I am a working professional. Like to live life my way, love to explore new places and cuisines (Food; my weakness).

Meaningful discussions attract me! Hence I am here to write, read, express, connect and so much more..

There’s too much gap between well-minded people and through this forum I aim to bridge that gap up!

Truly Blogging,