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Hello People,,

Shruti is the name I go by…

I really feel that this “About Me” section isn’t enough to imbibe all that I want YOU to know about ME. There’s too much to tell because although Life is short, it does give us hell number of experiences!

Nevertheless, here I am, adhering to the protocol.

I am a working professional. Like to live life my way, love to explore new places and cuisines (Food; my weakness).

Meaningful discussions attract me! Hence I am here to write, read, express, connect and so much more..

There’s too much gap between well-minded people and through this forum I aim to bridge that gap up!

Truly Blogging,


The Universe’s Mystery

They may or may not yet know
How intense their needs shall grow
She may or may not yet show
His soft glance tears her insides, but slow

The passion he is talking with now
The silence she uses as a weapon to hide
This will all make them furious one day
To have been so tied up, yet so untied

It may have been just another discourse
She could have been just another beauty
He may have been one of the many
Yet they met like no other ever existed
Not after nor before

They moved together towards something unknown
Each of them saw in the other’s eye
What could not have been found elsewhere or shown
Neither of them knew why they laughed together and then cry
Maybe she healed him or maybe he made her shy

For we humans are so small
For our emotions are but so raw
None of them understood what kept them burning
What is it in each other that they saw

Whenever he bleeds; she writes
She hurts him; yet he listens to her for nights
She had been scared to experience this since forever
They were so apart; indeed unworldly together

It still is a mystery
When the connection was built
When they met or when they parted
Only the lost connection was all of her guilt

They now don’t talk anymore
But they are stuck and bound
Without knowing if the other has found love
Their hearts just waiting in circles going round

When to her surprise, it wasn’t much lost
He communicated from far off
And she could hear and know
What he didn’t say and what she now wanted to show

It wasn’t just love that she lost
It wasn’t just lust that he lost
Two souls connected when they talked
And that stayed in the universe while they walked off

Struggling to find a piece of him in every person
Still standing where they parted, she went far away
No one spoke like him
No one looked at her like that
And she learnt love the harder way

They had to come together yet again
For the connection was still waiting up there
They had to talk into each other yet again
For the souls were thirsty inside somewhere

They sat across a table to drink each other
The passion inside boiling to feel the other
They spoke a little, together reminiscing
Nothing had changed between them
And they realised it was the same, nothing went missing

What started as a conversation
Became a healing process for her
His words went straight up somewhere
And the story was written up in the air

The universe will have their souls attached
One may find love or lust again
Soul mates meet just once
They may part mistakenly but shall be reattached

They have managed to come together
There’s no explanation to this story
Are the two meant to be or it’s again temporary
Only The Universe Has The Mystery

Inside of Me

Lots of people tried

Many of them touched her

Alot of them tried understanding

But all of them misunderstood her

And just when she thought

It’s supposed to be this way

He came, stood by her side

Listened to her carefully

Shook her from the inside 

She woke up for the first time

Just to realise 

Someone had shaken her inside out

And didn’t even touch her…

All of ‘IT’

What is it?
That cuts me sharply inside and makes me happy a bit

Why is it?
That I struggle to think about something else but my mind doesn’t permit

When was it?
That I started feeling so helpless, restless, torn and split

Where is it?
It’s so much inside me that I can’t find my ownself; help me omit

How is it?
That I want to recommit

Who is it?
Neither can I say nor do you wanna know this beautiful shit

All you wanna do is
Close your eyes, move your lips to say that name
Makes you smile…
Isn’t it? ? ?

I Remember That You Forgot

I remember,
You said: “I will be there”

I memorise,
You said: “I won’t change”

I recollect,
You whispered: “Let them doubt, but we will be together”

I heard,
You told me: “I will take up the responsibility, I will be in charge”

I smiled,
You held my hand while crossing the road.

I recapitulate,
You planned beautiful times for me without feeling burdened.

I cried,
You said: “I cannot see you cry”

I remembered you
I remembered your words

I remembered the movement of your lips while you said all that
Life changed alot, yet

I remembered that you forgot
I don’t really remember” you said and that’s all I got!


I planned it all
From big to small
  Dressed in best attire, polished my shoes
  All well planned, not a thing to lose

  Heart in control and Mind in place
  I was walking with a smile
No worries, no tensions
Not even for a while

  Next moment, I lay in a hospital bed
  “While you were walking with a smile, a vehicle hit you”, the doctor said
I enquired about the vehicle, in all my strife
Smiled and said the doctor ” The vehicle was numbered ‘Life‘ “.


Just when you think you are all set, that you are balanced, futuristic and have a well-planned Life,

Be careful–Just look behind,

……..That’s exactly when that well-planned Life HITS YOU……..

Unplan The Planned


In the middle of the dark
Awaiting sleep, I lay
Its dead dark but my eyes clearly see
And listen what darkness has to say

Outblown by thoughts
When everyone sleeps
I feel haunted and scared
As that particular thought peeps


Each night I lay meaningless in bed
Merciless thoughts consistently hit me
You’d see no marks on my body
But they do hit me, believe you me

What if I could be covered
In those two arms around me
That wouldn’t use me; keeping me pure
For providing me with support
They hide me in themselves
So thoughts couldn’t find me anymore

What if those arms, that smell
Are the only things I feel and see 
They help me asleep
And not sleep with me

The cycle still continues
I lay daily in bed, no one to caress
Trying to sleep
But indeed, Sleepless

L❤ve kNOT

No! I didn’t love you
I just got insanely stuck!
No! You weren’t my destiny
You were all of my bad luck!

If it wasn’t for the first time
I would never choose you.
Just badly mistaken and no crime
Today, I’m gone and let you loose too.

Unloved by you to this extent
I drank love after meeting him
You were just a rough way
That smoothly lead me to him
And now, I’m here to rather stay

Don’t ask me
Why am I untying the KNOT
Because he values and loves me
Or because you loved me NOT

[When we go Loveless; We find real Love!]

Love Me From A distance

Real pain put beautifully!
A poem can say so much. Great work from Nicole!



I am the kind of girl you love from a distance,
Because if you come close enough,
You will see the trails of tears down my cheeks,
The pain in my eyes,
And the hurt in my smile.

I am afraid to see the pity in your eyes,
Your gentle words to comfort me,
Your loving arms to hold me,
I want to hurt alone,
Me and only me.

Why won’t you love me from a distance?
Keep your heart away,
Because I just might hurt you,
I don’t think I have it anymore,
I don’t think I have love anymore.

I stand by my window and stare,
The cold dark night matches the rhythm of my heart,
My true self staring me back,
Damaged I feel and I pray silently,
That you love me from a distance.

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I fell off
Untill yesterday, strong and upright
I stood tall

              Today I fell to rise, I feel tall
              Hunting when did I become weak enough to fall

Somehow, failed to gauge
Was that Me..
Or, Is this I?
Battling to know how

              Somewhere I myself wanted to fall, Somehow. . . 

Somethings remain pure; Drops of Water!


Imperfect, shapeless, no colour
  You and I become droplets
I clearly see what you’re feeling
  Limpid, glassy we smile as we breakfree from faucets

Lets flow to places
  Then run down opposite slopes
Rushing down with aggression
  We meet with passion
And fuse into each other, with all the hopes

None from the world could tell
  Who was you, which drop was me
Now, from two droplets into one
  Let’s get secure about each other and live on!